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So many goodies today. In appreciation of Block B’s new comeback, I’ll be doing a second giveaway! If you participated in this giveaway, you can be sure to participate in this one, so you don’t have to worry.

I will be picking out another 10 winners for this giveaway, separated in 3 parts, but plenty of goodies for everyone.

1st place will get all of package one, Hoodie, shirt or hat (or jackpot) on the 2nd package and the 3rd package as well.

First Package ; This is for First, second and third place.

$100 dollar credit on any K-POP online store. (yesasia, kpopmart, kpoptown, mwave soompi..of your choice and after it’s been cleared with me that the site is safe, of course)

Your choice of Block B hoodie, shirt or hat.

H.E.R Mini Album. (random photo card + Poster)

2nd package : 5-8 Place winners.

$25 dollar credit for the above stores.

Block B Jackpot (single) CD + Poster (random photo card, not signed.)

Third package : 9th and 10th place winners.

Very Good EP (Random photo card + Poster) OR BLOCKBUSTER CD + Random Photo card.

Postage will be paid off as well, so don’t worry internationals. I will be using a randomizer to pick winners, so follow the rules and good luck.

All you have to do is Like or reblog, as many times as you want. I don’t care much for spam, but remember your followers.

You must be 16+ to enter, or just be able to give me a name or address.

You don’t have to follow me, but if you do, I follow back. Just don’t unfollow if you don’t win, das fucked up brah.

no giveaway blogs, please.

any questions? Please, Ask. I’m here to answer all your questions.

That’s really it. Here’s the link to my other giveaway you can participate in.

This giveaway will end August 30th. So get to liking and rebloging. BBC Kitty out!!~

Thank you to all 80 donors and people who helped spread the project! It’s amazing what we can do once we come together! I’m sure that jongdae will be extremely happy to see this, proof that his fans are as kind as he is (well…we try at least). Thank you to every single one of you for making this project an amazing success while saving the lives of many people in Africa.

Didn’t get to contribute? Don’t worry there’s still time! Fundraising will keep going until mid-august so make sure to make your donation and write a message for chen himself (it will be translated into korean and will be sent to him!)

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So there’s this thing called ‘Choreophilia’ Which is basically dancing to orgasmic release. 


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